Acer pal. 'Omurayama' specimen

This monster was just brought in from a local field.  It's a magnificent specimen Acer pal. 'Omurayama' (aka 'Omure Yama').  It's approx 10'H x 20'W (16' front to back) with a 6.5" caliper.  

Acer pal. 'Omurayama'  Specimen
  Acer palmatum  'Omurayama'  specimen

 Acer palmatum 'Omurayama'  specimen

Acer p . 'Omurayama',  alternate view

Acer p. 'Omurayama',  alternate view

A picturesque trunk and gently arching branches create a stunning view from either side.

Acer p.  'Omurayama'  trunk.  6.5" caliper

Acer p. 'Omurayama'  trunk.  6.5" caliper

  Acer p.  'Omurayama' fall color

 Acer p. 'Omurayama' fall color