New Summer Finds

We've finally had a chance to get back out and continue hunting for the good stuff.  Here's a starter list of some new beauties we've recently located.  First on the list is a Forest Pansy Redbud.  Approx 10/12'H & W with a 4" caliper.  (We also have some 7/8' multi trunk-  becoming harder to find.)

Cercis can . 'Forest Pansy'  SPEC

Cercis can. 'Forest Pansy'  SPEC

Staking these Juniperus pro. 'Nana'  created approx. 5'H x  8/10'W sprawling mounds- perfect near a water feature or draping over stone.  We have about 5 nice ones, maybe more...?

Juniperus pro.  'Nana'  staked Jr Specimen

Juniperus pro. 'Nana'  staked Jr Specimen

There are about 20 Weeping Katsura trees available- all are pushing 10' tall! 

   Cercidiphyllum jap . 'Pendula' HG  Jr Specimen

 Cercidiphyllum jap. 'Pendula' HG  Jr Specimen

Most of these Betula pendula 'Youngii' specimens are over 12' tall.  There are about 10 available- all with contorted, twisted trunks and branches weeping fully to the ground.

   Betula pendula  'Youngii' specimens

 Betula pendula 'Youngii' specimens

'The Rising Sun' Redbud is pretty hard to beat for color that lasts all summer without burning.  These shrubs/ multi stem trees are approx. 3/4'H&W now and usually grow to about 8/10' .

Cercis can.  'The Rising Sun'  multi

Cercis can. 'The Rising Sun'  multi

Cercis can.  'The Rising Sun'  leaf close-up

Cercis can. 'The Rising Sun'  leaf close-up