A Few Big Specimens

Make some room!  If you have the space, we've been locating large specimens for instant dramatic effect.  One of the largest trees we have available is a giant Weeping Birch.  Over 40' tall & 15/20' wide.

   Betula pendula     40' Specimen

 Betula pendula    40' Specimen

This 20'+ Vanderwolf's Pyramid Pine has been sitting in a protected hillside maturing into a beautiful specimen.  It's approx. 22/24'H x 12/14'W.  It takes quite some time to achieve this size and fullness.  Only 1 available...

  Pinus flexilis  'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'  specimen

 Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid'  specimen

You can't debate its uniqueness among the plant kingdom.  The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a rarity in this region, yet easily recognizable by most.  Younger trees are upright and thin with distinct whorled branching, developing into unique specimens with age.  Just leave plenty of space within the drip line for giant falling cones as the tree matures.  

Araucaria araucana    18/20' Specimen

Araucaria araucana   18/20' Specimen

We have limited access to a few size ranges.  10/12', 12/14', 14/16', 16/18', 18/20'.  We also have one 5"caliper Specimen that's a bit fuller than the rest.

Araucaria araucana   16/18'

Araucaria araucana  16/18'

Araucaria araucana   14/16'

Araucaria araucana  14/16'

With spaces shrinking, it's harder to get the tree you want into the space you have.  More columnar and smaller varieties are being developed all the time.  One very popular species is the Ginkgo.  Rugged performers with brilliant yellow fall color.  These are narrow, upright columnar varieties of Ginkgo biloba with over-sized leaves (some are over 4" wide).  

  Ginkgo biloba - columnar, leaf detail 4"+

 Ginkgo biloba- columnar, leaf detail 4"+

Most of these are 14/16'H x 2/3'W with 3-4" calipers.

Ginkgo biloba - columnar upright Specimen

Ginkgo biloba- columnar upright Specimen