'Koto No Ito' & 'Seiryu'

2 magnificent specimen Japanese Maples will be gone as quickly as they arrived.  The first is a Acer p. 'Koto no ito' with a 5.5" caliper.  The tree is approx. 14/16'H x 12/14'W.  The largest we've had available in a long time.

Acer p.  'Koto no ito'  specimen

Acer p. 'Koto no ito'  specimen

Acer p . 'Koto no ito'  specimen, alt view

Acer p. 'Koto no ito'  specimen, alt view

We also found an Acer p.d. 'Seiryu' with a very unique shape and is starting to develop some very nice tiers.  It is approx. 12/14'H x 10/12'W.

Acer p.d . 'Seiryu'  specimen

Acer p.d. 'Seiryu'  specimen