Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'

USDA Zone:  4-7 (-25 °F to 5 °F)      Full Sun             Regular watering


This pendulous form was discovered around 1850 by David Taylor, the gardener of Camperdown House in Dundee, Scotland, it was a contorted sport found creeping along the ground in the nearby forest, he brought it back and planted it on the estate grounds, where it still remains today. David Taylor took cuttings from this sport and grafted them onto Ulmus glabra. Camperdownii can't be grown from seed, it's a top grafted cultivar. Today all the scion wood grafted came from this original cutting. 

This plant is a fast grower up to 25' tall and just as wide, creating a weeping rounded mound that holds year around interest in the garden; from it's weeping waterfall shape in full leaf, to it's contorted zigzagging branching that are on display during the winter months.