Flowers that make scents...

We've been on the lookout for unique Magnolias and fragrant Witch Hazel.  Below are a few examples and we have many more available.

Magnolia den.  'Forrest's Pink'

Magnolia den. 'Forrest's Pink'

Magnolia kobus   SPECIMEN

Magnolia kobus  SPECIMEN

Below are some tree-form Hamamelis with very individual branching (perfect for a winter focal point) and some unique shrub form with low, outward spreading branches that create a totally distinct look...

Hamamelis  'Arnold Promise'  tree form

Hamamelis 'Arnold Promise'  tree form

Hamamelis x int.  'Jelena' & 'Copper Beauty'   shrub forms

Hamamelis x int. 'Jelena' & 'Copper Beauty'   shrub forms