Calling all collectors!!!

Every once in awhile, we're lucky enough to find a collection of huge, mature specimens that are unmatched in the trade.  Recently we were given access to a field with 30+ enormous specimens.  Professionals from all around have been saying the same thing: "That's the biggest one of those I've ever seen!"  We'll be posting more pics as they leaf out and better represent how incredible these plants are.  For now, here's just a taste.  Feel free to call for a full list of what we brought in and for additional photos. 

Acer p  'Hogyoku'  specimen

Acer p 'Hogyoku'  specimen

Acer p.d.  'Omureyama'  specimen

Acer p.d. 'Omureyama'  specimen

Acer japonicim  'Filicifolium'  RARE specimen

Acer japonicim 'Filicifolium'  RARE specimen

Hamamelis  x 'Diane'  specimen

Hamamelis x 'Diane'  specimen

Ariel shot of our new specimen collection

Ariel shot of our new specimen collection