Styrax japonicum 'Carillon' 2 SPECIMENS

The only one we had last year sold within days of being dug and put in our display landscape.  These trees instantly command attention.  We have 2 specimens that were just made available after a year of being held while we gently trained and enhanced them just so slightly.  They do most of Mother Nature's work on their own; just needed a little touch up. 

Styrax japonicum  'Carillon'  SPECIMEN

Styrax japonicum 'Carillon'  SPECIMEN

Styrax j . 'Carillon'  SPECIMEN, alt view

Styrax j. 'Carillon'  SPECIMEN, alt view

Styrax j.  'Carillon'  flowers

Styrax j. 'Carillon'  flowers

Styrax j.  'Carillon'  branching close-up

Styrax j. 'Carillon'  branching close-up

The second specimen we have is tentatively sold, but here's a sneak peek just in case...

Styrax j.  'Carillon'  SPECIMEN #2

Styrax j. 'Carillon'  SPECIMEN #2