New Rare Additions

Specimen Fagus syl. 'Miltonensis' dug while dormant this spring and is ready to ship.  Very cool, irregular twisting habit with one long arm reaching out to the side.  Approx. 10/12'H x 22/24'W.

 Fagus sylvatica  'Miltonensis' specimen

Fagus sylvatica 'Miltonensis' specimen

Love it or Hate it.  The pink and white new growth and erratic variegation make Acer p. 'Asahi Zuru' an extremely unique garden addition.  This specimen is a double transplant and leafs out very full.  Approx. 10/12'H x 8/10'W.  

Acer p.  'Asahi Zuru' leaves

Acer p. 'Asahi Zuru' leaves

Acer p.  'Asahi Zuru' specimen

Acer p. 'Asahi Zuru' specimen

Cotinus obovatus is a rare find in the trade these days; especially one of any size.  We have one gorgeous specimen that's pushing 7' tall & wide.  Nice and full and just starting to push flowers.  This is a one of a kind gem.

Cotinus obovatus   Jr. Specimen

Cotinus obovatus  Jr. Specimen

Cotinus obovatus  leaves

Cotinus obovatus leaves