Assorted Goodies Just In!!!

We've just brought in a small collection of some hard to find goodies.   First up is a tree that is rarely available in this size.  The Monkey Puzzle tree- Araucaria araucana.    This giant is approx. 17/18'h x 8/9'w with a 7"caliper.  SOLD

  Araucaria araucana  Specimen

 Araucaria araucana Specimen

Araucaria leaf detail

Araucaria leaf detail

Specimen Quacking Aspen, Populus tremuloides, clumps.  Use as a dramatic focal point or use several to create an instant grove.  These average approx 18/22'h x 8/12'w and have approx 3-8 stalks in the 2-4"caliper range.

Populus tremuloides  Specimens, clumps

Populus tremuloides Specimens, clumps

4" Flowering Crabapples.    We have 2 beautiful Malus 'Spring Snow' (high disease resistance)  that are approx. 16/18'h x 8/10'w.  Both are transplants and ready to ship.  SOLD

 Malus  'Spring Snow'  4"caliper

Malus 'Spring Snow'  4"caliper

 Malus  'Spring Snow' flowers

Malus 'Spring Snow' flowers

Tall evergreen hedging is becoming harder and harder to come by, especially for tight areas.  We recently brought in a stash of some 6.5/7' Taxus bac. 'Fastigiata'.   These are the tallest ones available, with any numbers, to create a formal dark green hedge.  (The blue ribbon is set at 6' on the measuring rod.)

Taxus bac.  'Fastigiata'  6.5/7'

Taxus bac. 'Fastigiata'  6.5/7'