Stewartia pseudocamellia - Specimens available

USDA Zone:  5 - 8 ( -15 °F to 15 °F)      Partial/Full Sun    Moist Soil


The Stewartia pseudocamellia is known in Japan as the summer camellia, natsu-tsubaki.  This ornamental tree is an all-season performer,  exhibiting a distinctive branching pattern in winter, camellia-like 2"-3" white flowers in summer and retain their ring of yellow stamen when they fall, making a lovely carpet beneath the branches, and bright yellow and red foliage in autumn. Once you have seen it, the fall color is unforgettable. The bark is spectacular, peeling off and exposing contrasting colors. It could be grown for this characteristic alone.  We have a  range of forms and sizes to choose from, all selected for excellent structure.